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  1. Marines and airmen worked together at Marine Corps Air Station Camp Pendleton, California, to
    Strategic Lift and MCAS Camp Pendleton: Marines, airmen work together to deploy equipment, personnel
  2. An Emergency Action Plan training exercise at the Oasis Pool aboard Marine Corps Logistics Base
    Francisco Cadillo, primary lifeguard, has delivered two breaths to a breath tube apparatus to the mouth of the drowning victim, in this case a resuscitation training manikin, as Sgt. Maxim Krymov, volunteer Marine lifeguard, delivers 30 chest compressions to the victim during an Emergency Action Plan training exercise in conjunction with rescue elements of the Marine Corps Fire Department. The two breaths and 30 - compression cycle continues until the victim is revived or fire department personnel arrive to take over the rescue effort.
  3. Marines from all across the Marine Corps completed the 5th annual High Intensity Tactical Training
    Participants of the 2019 High Intensity Tactical Training Championship celebrate completing the competition, which spans over four days, and includes seven challenges testing the athletes’ physical and mental fortitude, aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico on Sept. 12, 2019. Competitors from all across the Marine Corps battle for the title of HITT Champion.